Priene - Milet

Priene is one of the most beautiful regions of Anatolia.

‘Panionion’, which is the center of the religious and politicakl association formed by 12 Ionian cities, namely Miletus, Priene, Myus, Ephesus, Kolophon, Eritrai, Klazomenai, Foa, Samos, Kios, Teos and Lebedos, all used to be within the boundaries of Priene. Priene is one of the most beautiful regions of Anatolia. Meaning Priene is the ‘Home of the Fortress’. The city was reconstructed at its current location through the year 350 B.C. This city, which was reconstructed by the ‘Hippodamos Plan’, named after the famous city planner architect from Miletus, Hippodamos and is known as one of the most beautiful cities of the Hellenistic Age in archeology. People pf Priene joined in the Lade Naval war, which was between the Ionian Association and the Persians in 494 B.C. however the Ionian Navy was beaten by the end of the war and so the beautiful Priene city as well as Miletus and Didyama cities were demolished. Miletus Miletus had its most brilliant period during the 6th and 7th century B.C. People of Miletus increased in power and got particularly rich after they acquired the sea trade ın B.C. in the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea. Miletus became the capital of the Ion world by this time. It is the city where philosophy had been born and Thales, who is considered as the first philosopher in history. Thales went beyond mythology which was associated with every incident and asked questions such as ‘what is real?’ and ‘what exists?’. Thales and his students were called the ‘school of Physicists’ and it is claimed that they laid the foundations of positive science. Doğanbey Village Trekking & Mountain Bike Tours The National Park of Dilek Peninsula – Büyük Menderes Delta is a suitable area for nature sports. Guided tours are organised to Oluklu Canyon within the activities of National Park Visitor Center. This track, which is between the entrance of Oluklu Canyon and National Park Visitor Center, has a distance of 15km. The track lasts about 4-5 hours in which visitors can have a unique experience walking among the streams, lagoons, waterfalls and the wonderful flora of the National Park. The guides provide information about the plants, the animals and the natural and cultural sources of the National Park during this track. Another nature sport that can be experienced in the National Park of Dile Peninsula Büuük Menderes Delta is mountain biking. The bikers could use alternative tracks with less step slopes and stabilised roads.

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