Akbuk, which is a town associated to Didim, brings together green and blue colors in a stunning way over the coastline of approximately 11 kilometers. Being away from noises and having weather with a very low humidity rate, this place is a rare heaven for “people who wants to have a vacation by resting”. Another difference in Akbuk is the opportunities for “caravan tourism” which is an important privilege for European tourists.Its land is preferred for walks while its sea is preferred for cruises. It has an appearance of a modern city with its hotels, pensions, holiday villages, bars, entertainment places and all urban equipments as well as the summer house cooperatives.

The economy of akbuk, which has turned into a city from a small village, is based on tourism and fishery. Akbük, which has an important touristic potential thanks to its rapid development, has become one of the most favorite centers for European people. It is listed at top few ranks especially in among the areas where English people bought residences and settled. Another cultural value in Akbük is the durable church inherited from Greece people. The church has thousands of tourist visitors every year. Sahte Cennet which is one of the most beautiful corners of the Cove, Saplı Ada region where large hotels are located, Akbuk central district, Bozbuk, Kazıkli Cove are densely populated areas. And Akbuk is one of the rare tourism centers which could protect its serenity with the visitor number increasing each year…

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