Legend Of Medusa: The woman who turned beholder into “Stone”
One of the most important symbols of Didim is Medusa. She is one of the 3 female monsters of the underground world in the Greek mythology. Among these three sisters, only snake-haired Medusa is mortal and she has the power of turning into Stone the people who look at her. For this reason, Medusa embossments and pictures have been used in the ancient age to protect large structures and special places from evil. Medusa figures have been wanted to be used in the Temple of Apollo. However, since the construction of the temple have not finished somehow losts of Medusa figure have been left half-finished and reached the present day in these forms. Still, one of the most beautifully engraved Medusa figures which have been protected best is on the right side of the entrance of Temple of Apollo.

Medusa has been so beautiful that she has been envied by the goddesses and tagged the gods. Especially Goddess Athena has envied her. God of the Seas, Poseidon has asmired her and he violates Medusa at Athena’s temple one day. Athena, who has found this situation insulting for herself, punished Medusa by turning her into a monster living underground. She has become very ugly and her hairs have turned into snakes, the people looking at her have become to turn into Stone. Gorgon considers the punishment light and has Medusa decapitated by cooperating with Athena and Perseus. As the moment she has been decapitated, Medusa’s children from Poseidon, Pegasus (Unicorn) and Khrysaor comes out of her body. Blood drops spluttered from Medusa falls into Libya deserts and turn into snakes. Athena gives two drops of Medusa’s blood to King Erichthonius as present. One of them is a lethal poison whereas the other is the antidote and heals every kind of illnesses. Holy Road This road is located between Temple of Apollo and the ancient city of Miletus and its length is 24 kilometers. The road which is 6 meters x 16.5 kilometers wide used to reach to Panormos Port in Didyma in the ancient age. There were priest status on both sides of the road. During the excavations works that have been done, only the start of this road right on the opposite side of the Temple of Apollo and the foundations of the Temple of Artemis next to it have been revealed.

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