Private Yacht Cruises and Fishing Trips

Enjoy an escape from the hustle and bustle of life on land.

Trabzon City

Trabzon is the biggest and most important city of the Black Sea and was established by sailors from Miletos in 750 B.C.

Dalyan Turtle Beach

Set inland on the banks of the Dalyan River, the village of Dalyan is a peaceful holiday backwater unspoilt by mass tourism.

Priene – Miletos

Priene is one of the most beautiful regions of Anatolia.

Kos Island

Kos has a rich and long history that spans over 6000 years, from the prehistoric years of the Minoan period.


According to UNESCO World heritage list, Pamukkale is an alternative sea tourism where nature and history meet

Turkish Bath

Have you ever been to a Turkish Bath before?

Turkish Night

Traditional Turkish foods, folk and belly dancing. Experience true Turkish hospitality.

Bafa Lake

2000 years ago the Bafa Lake was a bay of the Aegean Sea called the ‘Gulf of Lade’.