Ephesus was an ancient Greek city on the west coast of Anatolia, in the region known as Ionia durıng the Classical Greek period. It was one of twelve cities of theIonian League. The city was famed for the Termple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, it is now represented by one inconspicuous column which was revealed during an archaelogical excation by the British Museum in the 1870s. Ephesus was one of the Seven Churches of Asia that are cited in the Book of Revelations. Ephesus was an important center for early Christianity from the A.D. 50s. From A.D. 52-54, Paul lived here, working the congregation and apparently organising missionary activity into the hinterlands. He became emboiled in a disbute wıth artisans, whose livelihoods depended on selling statuettes of Artemis in the Temple of Artemis. He wrote between 53-57 A.D. the letter 1 Corimthians from Ephesus (Possibly from the ‘Paul tower’ where he was imprisoned for a short time). Later Paul wrote to the Christian community at Ephesus, according to tradition, while he was in prison in Rome (around 62 A.D.)