Cappadocia – Nevşehir

Kapadokya, Ürgüp, Göreme, Derinkuyu, Uçhisar regions.

Cappadocia was described as a very large area surrounded by Taurus Mountains in the South, by Aksaray in the West, Malatya in the east and all the way up to the black sea coast in the North. Although the present day Cappadocia area is covered by the city provinces of Nevşehir, Aksaray, Nigde, Kayseri and Kırşehir. The smaller rocky regionof Cappadocia is around Avanos, Goreme, Uçhisar, Urgup, Derinkuyu, Kaymakli and Ihlara Valley. It is a unique world shaped by Mother Naturewith the help of Lava, wind and water! The name Cappadocia is derived from Old Persıan ‘Katpatuka’ meaning the land of beautiful horses. In Cappadocia, they mix soil with water to make clay, it is then rested for 10-12 days for purification, it is then given its shape by hand with the help of a kick Wheel one by one. After the clay has been shaped it is polished and a smoothed surface is created. After it is then taken to the electric fire oven, where it is temperatures of 850-900 degrees! There are two types of Wheel used in Cappadocia, first is the kick Wheel which is used mostly for demonstration or for hobby, the second Wheel is the electric Wheel which is widely used as it is fast and needs less human power, it is used for mass production.

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