It is inevitable not to think of Altınkum when we say “Didim” to people who have a vacation of “sea,sands and sun”. Didim and Altınkum have the same value for them. Altınkum Beach is one of the most important beaches of Didim and also of Turkey. With its golden sand, after which has been named, with its clear sea water which can clean itself, with blue flags symbolizing cleanness and safety and above all, with the historical heritage right next to it Altınkum is a very valuable place. Restaurants, bars and accommodation facilities surrounding the beach which is 1.5 kilometers long do not only host the people who are coming there for summer vacation but who are coming to Altınkum for resting, making sports and participating in culture tours during autumn and winter months.

A sea, in winter months, and a mild climate are attracting more of people who are searching for something different every year. You can have a unique daily “sea tour” with the boats taking off from Altınkum Beach. Particularly the Cennet Island (Panayır Ada), you can swim at coves you will visit until satiated and you can see places which are wonders of nature. These tours, which end at 17:00, are already the best choise for people who want to see the most beautiful coves of Didim in a short of time. Also, various diving boats organized “educational” tours for the people who want to learn diving. They provide the nature lovers with the opportunity to see the underwater richness of Didim in addition to the ones above the water.

Many domestic or foreign tourists who visit Didim/Altinkum for vacation where is a touristic town have considered INCE KAR / CEINKA Tourism and Travel Agency to be their second home in Didim/Altınkum since they are really satisfied with their Airport Transfers, and we have considered them to be our friends.